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Severe Weather Policy

In the event of a severe weather warning or tornado watch, or warning at 5:30 PM all games are
canceled for the evening.
Game status updates will be available on our website: or by calling
616-209-8466. If there is no daily update assume your game will be played as scheduled. Game
time cancelations may be made if there are late changes in the weather.
Rain outs will be decided at the game on the field by an Allendale Little League Board Official.
If a game is called for weather, the game will be rescheduled on the next available date. The date
could possibly be a Saturday. No Manager or Coach may cancel or reschedule a game without
approval from the Allendale Little League scheduler.
On the Field
In the event lightning is seen or thunder is heard, play is to be suspended immediately on all fields
(no finishing of a batter or inning) and people should go to their cars and wait.
Play will be suspended until 20 minutes has passed without any lightning or thunder and an
Allendale League Board Official Allendale Little League recognizes that we all want
the games to be played, and we occasionally observe that thunder may be heard in the distance w
ith no rain at the fields and the sun still shining. The National Weather Service reports that
lightning can strike 10 miles from a thunderstorm and it is imperative that we not take
chances in this area. The safety of our players, parents, coaches, and spectators is our top priority and adherence to this policy is a component of this priority.