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It's time to get ready for another great season of Allendale Little League! Sponsors have helped make Allendale Little League one of the most popular and successful youth sports program in the area, and we need your support to keep the league strong for our players and community.
Non-profit youth sports leagues such as Allendale Little League operate through a great deal of community volunteers, but there are obviously costs associated with running such a program. Registration fees are kept as low as possible and only cover a portion of costs. The remaining costs are covered by donations from sponsors.
Such donations help pay for things like uniforms, equipment, balls, field maintenance, umpires, tournaments, and more.  If you are interested in being a sponsor, please file out the sponsorship form.

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There are multiple sponsorship opportunities for 2020:


A.L.L. reserves the right to refuse sponsorships from companies or individuals that do not meet the values of A.L.L. or Little League in general.

*requests to sponsor specific team can not be guaranteed in draft divisions.